19 Crimes Cali Red Snoop Dogg

19 Crimes Cali Red Snoop Dogg Wine

19 Crimes Cali Red Snoop Dogg Wine

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19 Crimes: Bold, Defiant, and Uncompromising

19 Crimes wines embody a defiant spirit, bold and uncompromising, much like the D-O-double-G himself! Cali Red is the result of a collaboration with entertainment icon Snoop Dogg. This red blend showcases robust dark berry fruit, spice, and toasted oak notes, culminating in a powerful yet smooth finish. Perfectly paired with BBQ meats, it captures the essence of fearless innovation and unyielding character.

Laid-Back Elegance: Cali Red, with its deep, inviting color, sets the stage for a laid-back and elegant experience. The bottle, featuring Snoop Dogg's image, hints at the personality within—a blend of sophistication and unapologetic boldness.

A Symphony of Dark Fruits: Uncork the bottle and unleash a symphony of dark fruits that dance on the nose. Blackberry and dark cherry notes mingle with a hint of toasted oak, creating an aromatic harmony that foreshadows the rich palate experience.

Smooth and Velvety: The first sip reveals a velvety texture that glides across the palate. Snoop Dogg's Cali Red is a masterful blend of Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, and Merlot, resulting in a wine that is both robust and smooth. Layers of blackcurrant, vanilla, and a touch of spice unfold, leaving a lasting impression with each sip.

Bold California Character: This wine encapsulates the bold character of California, where sun-drenched vineyards contribute to the ripe and expressive fruit flavors. The combination of carefully selected varietals reflects the innovative winemaking approach that defines 19 Crimes.

Snoop Dogg's Iconic Touch: The collaboration with Snoop Dogg brings a unique flair to the wine, embodying the rapper's individuality and style. Cali Red is not just a wine; it's a statement—a testament to breaking boundaries and celebrating the unconventional.

Versatile Pairing: Whether paired with smoky barbecued meats, hearty pasta dishes, or enjoyed on its own, Cali Red is a versatile companion that enhances any culinary experience. Its smooth profile makes it suitable for laid-back gatherings or more refined occasions.

The Infamous 19 Crimes Tradition: Cali Red joins the lineup of 19 Crimes, a brand known for pushing the boundaries of winemaking. Each bottle features a unique story of a historical Australian convict, continuing the tradition of celebrating the rebellious spirit that defines 19 Crimes.

Unleash the rebellious spirit with 19 Crimes Cali Red Snoop Dogg – a wine that embodies the fusion of California's boldness, Snoop Dogg's iconic style, and the audacious tradition of 19 Crimes. Cheers to the richness, the rhythm, and the rebellious flavor in every glass.

19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Red is a red blend wine with notes of black cherry, vanilla, and candied raspberry. It has a strong aroma of blue and black fruit, with dark and red fruits up front and a slightly sweet finish.

Taste: Some say it's overly sweet on the front end and lacks acidity on the back end. Others say it's easy to drink on its own, but also pairs well with steak and chicken.

Color: Some say it's very dark red, like a Zinfandel.

Finish: Some say it has a tannin finish, which is dry.

19 Crimes Cali Red Snoop Dogg:

Winery: 19 Crimes Cali Red Snoop Dogg edition is produced by 19 Crimes, a renowned winery known for its innovative approach to winemaking and its unique connection to historical crime stories.

History: 19 Crimes has its roots in Australia and takes inspiration from the era when British convicts were sent to Australia. The winery's name refers to the 19 crimes that could result in transportation to the Australian penal colony. Over the years, 19 Crimes has gained popularity for its captivating labels featuring augmented reality storytelling.

Collaboration with Snoop Dogg: The collaboration with Snoop Dogg for the Cali Red edition is a testament to 19 Crimes' innovative spirit. Snoop Dogg, a cultural icon in the music and entertainment industry, brings his flair to this red blend, creating a unique and bold expression.

Wine Production: The Cali Red is a red blend, and while specific details about the grape varietals and the winemaking process may vary, it typically offers a rich and flavorful profile with notes of dark fruit, oak, and a smooth finish. The wine may showcase the influence of California's diverse and renowned vineyards.

Living Wine Labels App: 19 Crimes is known for its Living Wine Labels app, which animates the historical characters on the labels, bringing them to life and providing an interactive and engaging experience for consumers.

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