1800 Cucumber Jalapeno Tequila

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Unveiling the extraordinary fusion of heat and cool, we present 1800 Cucumber Jalapeño Tequila – a bold and refreshing twist on the classic tequila experience. This innovative spirit invites you to embark on a thrilling journey of taste, where the intensity of sun-ripened jalapeños harmonizes with the crispness of fresh cucumbers, creating a tequila like no other.

Crafted with the same dedication to quality that defines the 1800 brand, this infusion begins with our premium silver tequila, which serves as the canvas for the vibrant flavors to unfold. The nose is a tantalizing dance of zesty jalapeños and the invigorating essence of cucumber, setting the stage for an exhilarating encounter with your taste buds.

The first sip reveals a symphony of flavors that captivates the senses. The heat from the jalapeños is balanced by the cool, crisp notes of cucumber, creating a dynamic and refreshing profile. The tequila's smoothness remains intact, providing a seamless backdrop for the lively interplay of spicy and cooling elements.

Whether enjoyed on the rocks or as the star of inventive cocktails, 1800 Cucumber Jalapeño Tequila invites you to redefine your tequila experience. Spice up your margaritas, elevate your mojitos, or simply savor it on its own for a bold and invigorating sip.

This tequila isn't just a beverage; it's a celebration of daring flavor combinations and the spirit of exploration. Embrace the unexpected and add a dash of excitement to your moments with 1800 Cucumber Jalapeño Tequila – a fusion that defies convention and sets your taste buds on a thrilling adventure.



Tasting Notes

Boldly herbal with fruity, slightly sweet and spicy essences. Herbal up front accompanied by the characteristic notes of pulp, seed, and peel of ripe cucumber, combined with the sweetness of cooked agave. Soon enough, the spicy and alcoholic notes envelop the nose.Impactful flavor highlighting the blend of ripe, juicy cucumber alongside cooked agave sweetness. This is followed by citrusy notes that end in spicy jalapeño.

Distillery Information

1800 Cucumber & Jalapeño Tequila is made by Jose Cuervo at the Casa Cuervo distillery. The tequila is made from blue agave plants that are grown in the volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico and aged for eight to twelve years before being handpicked. The tequila is then double-distilled and infused with natural cucumber and jalapeño flavors.
1800 Tequila is a 100% blue agave tequila that is bottled in Jalisco, Mexico. The brand is named after the year tequila was first aged in oak casks.