14 Hands Pinot Grigio Columbia Valley

14 Hands Pinot Grigio Columbia Valley

14 Hands Pinot Grigio Columbia Valley

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Embark on a journey of crisp elegance with 14 Hands Pinot Grigio from the Columbia Valley. This delightful white wine is a testament to the winemaking excellence that characterizes the renowned 14 Hands vineyard. Crafted with precision and care, this Pinot Grigio is a refreshing expression of the unique terroir that defines the Columbia Valley region.

Vibrant Orchard Fruits: 14 Hands Pinot Grigio opens with an enticing burst of vibrant orchard fruits. Crisp green apples, succulent pears, and hints of citrus dance on the nose, creating an aromatic bouquet that captures the essence of a sun-drenched vineyard.

Crisp and Refreshing: The first sip reveals the wine's crisp and refreshing character. Zesty notes of green apple and juicy pear take center stage, providing a lively palate that is both invigorating and well-balanced. This Pinot Grigio is a celebration of the bright acidity that defines wines from the Columbia Valley.

Elegant Minerality: As the wine evolves on the palate, a subtle minerality emerges, adding an elegant dimension to the overall experience. The influence of the region's unique soils imparts a distinctive character, enhancing the wine's complexity and contributing to a clean, lingering finish.

Versatile Pairing Companion: 14 Hands Pinot Grigio is a versatile companion for various occasions. Whether enjoyed on its own as a refreshing aperitif or paired with a variety of dishes, from light salads to seafood delicacies, this wine showcases its adaptability and complements a wide range of flavors.

Columbia Valley Terroir: Crafted in the heart of the Columbia Valley, 14 Hands Pinot Grigio reflects the influence of the region's terroir – a landscape characterized by sunny days, cool nights, and well-drained soils. The result is a wine that captures the essence of the vineyard and the artistry of the winemaker.

Indulge in the bright and lively character of 14 Hands Pinot Grigio – a wine that invites you to savor the essence of the Columbia Valley in every glass. Cheers to the vibrant orchard fruits, the crisp refreshment, and the elegant minerality that define this delightful Pinot Grigio.

Refreshingly crisp and delightfully smooth, this Pinot Grigio offers aromas of fresh melon and green apple followed by flavors of pear and honeysuckle.

14 Hands Winery:

Location: 14 Hands Winery is located in the heart of Washington State's Columbia Valley wine region.

History: 14 Hands Winery takes its name from the wild horses that once roamed the hills of eastern Washington, measuring 14 hands tall. The winery has a commitment to crafting high-quality wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the Columbia Valley.

Vineyards: The winery sources its grapes from the diverse vineyards of the Columbia Valley. The region is known for its unique terroir, including a variety of microclimates and soil types that contribute to the complexity of the wines.

Wine Portfolio: 14 Hands Winery produces a range of wines, including reds, whites, and rosés. The Pinot Grigio is one of their well-known white wine offerings.

Winemaking Philosophy: The winery emphasizes a hands-on approach to winemaking, aiming to capture the bold and expressive character of Washington State's grapes in every bottle.

For the most current and detailed information about 14 Hands Winery and their wines, including the Pinot Grigio from the Columbia Valley, it is recommended to check their official website or contact the winery directly. Wineries often provide detailed information about their vineyards, winemaking process, and the history of the brand.

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