14 Hands Juicy Red Blend Run Wild Columbia Valley
14 Hands Juicy Red Blend Run Wild Columbia Valley

14 Hands Juicy Red Blend Run Wild Columbia Valley Wine

14 Hands Juicy Red Blend Run Wild Columbia Valley Wine

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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Washington's esteemed Columbia Valley, 14 Hands Winery stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of winemaking. Established in 2005 by the esteemed Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, the visionary force behind renowned Washington wine powerhouses such as Chateau Ste. Michelle and Columbia Crest, 14 Hands Winery quickly emerged as a testament to the region's viticultural prowess.

From its inception, 14 Hands Winery set out to capture the essence of the Columbia Valley's terroir, crafting an extensive portfolio of varietal wines that showcase the distinctive flavors and characteristics of the region. Drawing from the bountiful vineyards that carpet the Columbia Valley, 14 Hands Winery produces a diverse array of wines, with a focus on popular regional varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Riesling.

Originally conceived as a line catering to the discerning palates of restaurants, 14 Hands Winery swiftly garnered widespread acclaim and consumer demand, prompting an expansion of production to meet the needs of retailers across the nation. This surge in popularity catapulted 14 Hands Winery into the ranks of America's fastest-growing wine labels, with an annual output of several million cases.

Central to the identity of 14 Hands Winery is its namesake, a nod to the majestic mustangs that once roamed the rugged terrain of the Columbia Valley. The term "14 hands" refers to a measurement of equine height, symbolizing the spirit of freedom and vitality that infuses each bottle bearing the 14 Hands label.

At the heart of 14 Hands Winery's offerings lies a commitment to quality and distinction. Their reserve range, sourced from the esteemed Horse Heaven Hills AVA, exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship, delivering wines of unparalleled complexity and depth. Meanwhile, their value-driven range, carrying the broader Columbia Valley designation, offers accessible expressions of the region's terroir, ensuring that exceptional wine experiences are within reach for all enthusiasts.

In a strategic move aimed at furthering its commitment to excellence, 14 Hands Winery acquired the Snoqualmie winery in Prosser, Washington, in 2014. This consolidation of production facilities with Columbia Crest, also owned by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, marked a significant milestone in the journey of 14 Hands Winery, reinforcing its position as a stalwart of the Washington wine industry.

As 14 Hands Winery continues to captivate palates and inspire oenophiles around the globe, it remains steadfast in its mission to elevate the art of winemaking while honoring the rich heritage and natural splendor of the Columbia Valley.

Run Wild any day of the week with a vibrant red blend bursting with flavor. This fruit-forward and juicy varietal showcases a blend of red grape varieties with flavors of blueberry, black currant and blackberry that meld into

14 Hands Run Wild Juicy Red Blend is a red wine produced by 14 Hands Winery in Washington state's Columbia Valley.

The wine is a blend of red grape varieties with flavors of black currants, black raspberries, and ripe blueberries. It has soft tannins, lively acidity, and a lingering finish.

The 2016 vintage of 14 Hands Run Wild Juicy Red Blend has 13.5% alcohol, a pH of 3.80, and a TA of 0.54g/100mL

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