10th Mountain Rye

10th Mountain Rye

10th Mountain Rye

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Mash Bill: 65% Rye With Corn & Barley.

Appearance: Golden Amber Nose: Aromas Of Oak, Dark Fruit, and Light Caramel With A Hint Of Cinnamon

Palate: Spicy, Full Bodied, Touch Of Toffee

Finish: Dry Finish With Lingering Spice And Oak Notes

Aged: Charred Oak Barrel

Ingredients: Rye And Barley


Global Spirits Competition: Double Gold

North American Whiskey And Bourbon Competition: Gold

Denver International Spirits Festival: Silver

Jim Murray's 2018 Whiskey Bible Rating: 94 Points

10th Mountain Rye Whiskey is a golden amber whiskey aged in new charred oak barrels. It has a mash bill of 69% rye, corn, and malted barley

Location: 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits is based in Vail, Colorado, USA. They pay tribute to the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army, which trained in the Colorado mountains during World War II.
Product Range: The distillery produces a variety of spirits, including whiskey. "10th Mountain Rye" suggests a rye whiskey expression.
Philosophy: The distillery often emphasizes its commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and the heritage of the 10th Mountain Division.

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