Must try Hard seltzers this summer

Must try Hard seltzers this summer

Nothing goes better than warm weather and enjoying a nice seltzer with friends and family

In todays market there are all kinds of brands and companies coming out with their own version of the ever growing market. We have specially picked out these hard seltzers for you as must tries for the summer.

Jack Daniels Downhome Punch

For those with a classic taste for some Jack Daniel’s, we found Jack Daniels Downhome Punch that is part of their Country Cocktails line that is taking over the market. This canned cocktail will make enjoying a new take on a favorite like Jack Daniel’s. Throw a few in the cooler for your next camping trip or BBQ with the family. 


Happy Dad Hard Seltzer.

Another new popular hard seltzer is Happy Dad Hard Seltzer Started in 2021 this new brand of hard seltzer wanted to focus on making a drink that was more enjoyable for themselves. Their seltzers are made with natural ingredients and are gluten free. A main focus was a proper carbonation ratio and also added electrolytes to their seltzers for even more benefit. Try a pack today to experience a new take on hard seltzer.


Bang Hard Seltzer.

 Our last must try for you is brought to you by a brand you are sure to have heard of. Bang decided to partner with Mixx to bring you another addition to the hard seltzer market. Similar to Happy Dad, Bang Hard Seltzer is equipped with electrolytes. Their aim was to bring you an alternative to to just regular old hard seltzers and give you options that can help replenish your body as you sip and enjoy

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