Nub 460 Habano

Nub 460 Habano

Nub 460 Habano

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Introducing the Nub 460 Habano – a game-changer in the world of premium cigars. The Nub brand, known for its innovative approach to cigar sizing, brings you a robust and flavorful experience in a compact package with the 460 Habano. Crafted to deliver an intense yet balanced profile, this cigar is perfect for enthusiasts who crave bold flavors in a shorter smoking time.

Product Information: The Nub 460 Habano is a testament to the "Nub" philosophy – a short, stout cigar that maximizes the 'sweet spot' of the blend from start to finish. Encased in a rich and oily Habano wrapper, this cigar boasts a carefully chosen blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos. Despite its compact size, the 460 Habano promises a full-bodied smoking experience with a flawless burn and easy draw. The unique shape allows for a concentrated, flavorful journey that captures the essence of the blend.

Tasting Notes: Prepare for an explosion of flavor with the Nub 460 Habano. Upon the first draw, expect a burst of pepper and spice that quickly evolves into a symphony of dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and a subtle sweetness. The Habano wrapper adds a layer of complexity, imparting notes of cedar and leather as the cigar progresses. The finish is robust and satisfying, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

This cigar is designed for those who appreciate intensity without compromise, offering a dynamic and well-balanced flavor profile that showcases the artistry of the Nub brand.

Where It's Made: The Nub 460 Habano is meticulously crafted in the Oliva Cigar Factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. Renowned for its quality and consistency, the factory brings together the expertise of skilled rollers and the rich, volcanic soils of Nicaragua to create a cigar that embodies the Nub tradition of flavor-forward experiences.

Elevate your cigar journey with the Nub 460 Habano – a compact powerhouse that defies expectations and delivers a robust flavor adventure. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the Nub series, this cigar is a bold statement in the world of premium tobacco.

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