The History of Alcohol

The History of Alcohol

Alcohol has been made for thousands of years using fermented grain, honey, and fruit juice. These fermented beverages have been in existence as far back as the early Egyptian civilization. It is believed that an alcoholic beverage was in use in China as early as 7000 B.C. Also between 3000 and 2000 B.C., rice was distilled into an alcoholic beverage called sure in India. 

There are many other stories like these that point to the existence of alcohol long before this period and each of these alcoholic drinks has different sources. The Chinese civilization fermented millet to form huangjiu after their ancestors had fermented Jiahu. 

They used alcohol in all segments of Chinese society. Due to the widespread use of alcohol, laws against making wine were enacted and repelled 41 times between 1100 BC - AD 1400.

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In Ancient Iran, early use of alcohol was first dated during an analysis of a yellowish residue excavated at the Hajji Firuz Tepe by Mary M Voigt. There were about five 9 liters kegs hidden in the site that was explored. In the northern Zagros mountain of Iran, making wine was the best system used in storing perishable grapes, so that led to the development of intoxicating wine.

In Egypt, alcoholic beverage brewing started in Hierakonpolis at around 3400 BC. The ruins of this city contain remnants of the world's oldest brewery which could produce 1136 liters of beer every day. Beer production was symbolic in Ancient Egypt because the whole of Egypt then worshipped a god called Osiris. Osiris was believed to be the god of wine, of dead, and of vegetable regeneration. The ancient Egyptians created 17 types of beer and over 20 varieties of wine. 

Among the Babylonians, beer was a major beverage. As far back as 2700 BC, they worshipped Siduri, the goddess of wine. Babylonians offered wine and beer as offerings to their gods. In 1750 BC, the Code of Hammurabi contained excerpts on alcohol in Babylon, but there were no penalties for drunkenness. 


The use of alcohol by people didn't just start today. It has been dated way back to different societies that have evolved with time. The people of this generation have only remodeled the system and made it better that is why alcohol can taste smoother and better than it would have tasted in the ancient times. 

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