How to Start Your Home Bar: Alcohols and Essentials You'll Need

Feb 20, 2023

Building and maintaining a home bar is not an easy attempt. There are many drinks you'll need to make up your collection. From spirits to vodka to gin to casamigos to whiskey to even mixers, you'll need varieties of these to start your home bar. 

The good news is that these drinks have a long lifespan so you can build your bar gradually without the fear of spoilage. We will show you here how to start your home bar with the essentials you need. 

List Of Essentials Needed To Start Your Home Bar

When putting together your home bar, it's not necessary to spend on top-shelf drinks except if they're what you prefer. If you follow bartenders closely, you’ll see that most don’t use top shelf spirits to mix their cocktails.

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Set up your bar with one of the best gins in the market, the No. 3 London Dry Gin. This quintessential style dry gin brings a perfect blend of spice, citrus, and juniper. You can use this classic London dry gin for classic cocktails with a twist or even with a martini 


Tito’s Handmade Vodka is a perfect blend you can add to your bar. It's also one of those low-cost liquors you can use to mix your cocktails. For 750ml, this versatile spirit can serve in different cocktails you can use to entertain your guest. 


Looking for the right mixers for your cocktail, you can find a variety to create your perfect drink on You Booze. There are different types of mixers on our store from unique mixers like pineapple juice or coconut water to classic mixers like ginger ale or tonic water. You can find different options that will take your cocktail to the next level. You can also find a variety of syrups and bitters to add depth and flavor to your drinks


Wouldn't you like to drink a brand inspired by your one of your favorite celebrities? The brand owned by George Clooney is sure to deliver on its promises. The tequila brand is sure to give a red carpet type of evening feel. It adds a soothing taste to your cocktail hence why we advice it should be part of your bar set up.


What type of cocktail will you be making without a touch of whiskey? This is the purpose the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey serves in your bar. This bottle of whiskey is made from the finest of rye, corn, and barely malt mixed with iron-free water flowing from cave springs found on the distillery ground. Your bar isn't complete without this bottle of whisky.


With a perfect combination of these drinks, you have made a soothing cocktail for yourself and friends. You can start your home bar with these bottles of drinks while building up from there.