How to Pair Food and Alcohol

How to Pair Food and Alcohol

Pairing alcohol with food is one of the toughest task available to any host. Selecting the right drink options can improve your dining experience and it can also be carried if you select the wrong option. It's very common to pair food with non-alcoholic wine but pairing cocktails with meals can be fun and isn't as difficult as it seems to moat people.

There is only one problem with pairing cocktails with food - the flavors are different. Regardless of the type of party you're throwing, once you've found your favorite pairings, you can mix different brands with your meals. Here we're going to show you how to pair food with alcohol.


Tips To Pair Your Food With Alcohol

Choose drinks that complement your meals 

Using subtle quantities of different alcoholic brands can create the perfect blend that will complement your meals or contradict its tastes. So if you want to mix your meals with alcoholic drinks, consider the body of the drink before pouring. If it's a heavy drink, you can pair it with a light dish and if it's a light drink, you can pair it with a heavy meal. If the meal and the drink share some ingredients, there’s a heavy chance that it will pair well. For example is the Moet and Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose.

Enhance your meal flavor with the alcohol

Drinks should not overpower or compete with dishes. Whiskey, for example, would go well with steak, but not raw oysters. With that said, you shouldn't pair a sweet alcoholic drink or cocktail with a sweet dish. The food type should drive the type and flavors of the drink you'll pair it with. 

Know the roots and add aromatics

Before mixing meals with alcohol, know that alcohol and food from the same region always pair well together. So you should try and research combos before making your pairings. Also using aromatics like herbs can be a great way to pair meals with alcohol. You can add these herbs to match similar flavors in a dish to the drink. You don’t always have to mix the herbs to factor them into the dish. Sometimes all you need is a sprig as a garnish.

Control the level of alcohol

For example, if you’re planning a large course meal and plan to take a new cocktail with each dish, you need to watch how much alcohol you’re serving. You should watch your serving sizes if you’re planning a full-spirit dinner. Pairings should be made smaller and made up of 2 to 3 ounces of cocktails. You don’t want to ruin the meal experience by over serving and spoiling the taste of the food.


Following these steps can ensure you mix your cocktails with your meals without any stress. If you want to achieve a perfect blend, you should follow these steps and build on them to see the outcome.